Magnesium Oxide

WestendAgri are exclusive distributors within UK and Ireland for a range of Magnesium Oxide grades. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) is produced when the quarried raw material, Magnesium Carbonate, is calcinated by passing through a rotary kiln. MgO is the most commonly used form of magnesium supplementation for ruminant livestock. Dairy and beef cattle are unable to store magnesium and therefore must be supplemented in order maintain a healthy blood magnesium level and prevent a metabolic disorder.

WestendAgri supply the complete range of Feed Phosphates, including monodicalcium phosphate (MDCP), dicalcium phosphate (DCP), magnesium phosphate (MgP), monocalcium phosphate (MCP) and monoammonium phosphate (MAP). Product is supplied in a range of granulometries to suit a wide range of feed applications, packed in bulk, big bags and 25kg pallets.

Feed Grade Phosphates

Feed Grade Urea

Feed Grade Urea provides an effective source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN), by increasing rumen protein levels and can be used for dairy, beef and sheep rations. Adequate protein supply to the rumen is essential to enable microorganisms to utilise dietary energy, especially in high forage rations. The addition of Feed Grade Urea can help balance low protein feeds such as cereals, maize and straw.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Alkakarb) is commonly used as a cost-effective rumen buffer as well as providing an essential source of sodium in monogastric diets. When used as a dairy cow feed supplementation, Alkakarb’s buffering capability helps to stabilise rumen pH by reducing acidic conditions.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Carbonate

For information about Sodium Carbonate, or for a quote, please contact our team via email or telephone.

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Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Biolime H90 is a hydrated lime in the form of a white calcium hydroxide powder. This product is specially made for the agri market, providing a cost effective bedding in dairy stalls, creating a stable alkali environment to inhibit bacterial growth, improve biosecurity and reduce odours.

Hydrated Lime

Dri-Li Extra

Dri-Li Extra is an effective cubicle liner used to absorb moisture and control bacteria. Dri-Li is a unique bedding conditioner based on calcified seaweed, whose structure provides the high surface area for absorption of moisture. This product promotes a healthier livestock living environment, keeping livestock bedding drier for longer and removing odours. It is non-irritant and non-hazardous for ease of handling.

Westend 50 is a carefully formulated blend of fatty acids derived from highly digestible oils combined with glycerine to give a highly palatable, free flowing meal. It is ideal for incorporation into all dairy diets regardless of stage of lactation and ensures dairy cattle milk to their potential. This is a unique product that has been exclusively designed and manufactured for WestendAgri.

Range of Feed Fats

Oyster Shell

Oyster shell provides an effective source of soluble calcium for poultry diets which helps to promote eggshell quality and maintain skeletal strength to support overall bird health.

Bredol is an emulsifier that decreases surface tension between liquids, allowing effective mixing of fats, oils, molasses & water in feed mills. Bredol binds the water within the feed particles, which can reduce evaporation and maintain overall content within the finished feed.